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We support businesses and IT teams in the optimal use of Data and Artificial Intelligence

QUANT AI Lab is an international firm, specializing in Data, AI and advanced analytics for boldness, performance and value.

We use these technologies to support our clients – from strategy to implementation, and finally production – to provide them the most effective and efficient solutions.

For our customers, whether at a strategic or operational levels, we observe a strong transversality between the sectors around the Data/AI themes.

So thanks to our approach based on “Products” and “Consulting”, we combine quality, robustness and time-to-market for our solutions, supported by our expert team.

Our products are modular and scalable to adapt and respond quickly to our clients’ challenges, to give them operational gains and concrete business results.

Our expertise

QUANT AI Lab is specialized in combined AI solutions. Combining advanced tech, Data and AI, we solve complex problems in a pragmatic, effective and timely manner.


Combined AI products dedicated to solve complex problems:

  • Core banking systems
  • Risk measurements
  • Deep Computer Vision
  • NLU and NLG
  • Data Integrity

AI Solutions

Support customers’ evolutions towards fully integrated AI systems, ensuring user-friendliness, precision and robustness of the outcomes.

Data and AI Consulting

From architecture to modelling through corporate governance, QUANT AI Lab ensures that each element of the value chain is perfectly handled.

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