Product Led Services

Our commitment:

  1. Fit for purpose
  2. Cutting-Edge but Pragmatic
  3. Reduced time to value


50% Consulting, 50% products | 100% effective.


Consulting / Product

Our « tool-based consulting » approach
allows us to bring you the best of both worlds within our missions: robust, actionable and sustainable.

We capitalise on our assets, our achievements and our high level of expertise to bring you the most effective and efficient solutions.



Our solutions are designed to be deployed in production by integrating performance, governance and architecture criteria.

Hence, our multi-service platform, instantiated on the cloud (or On Premise), is at the disposal of our consultants to ensure projects are achieved in the most efficient manner.

A Unique & International


We have created a unique high-level team combining complementary profiles.

Our partnerships with prominent universities and schools with our strong intrapreneurial spirit allow us to have a pragmatic, business-oriented and forward-looking approach towards tomorrow’s issues.



We have carried out numerous missions which, associated with our business experts, allow us to have in-depth knowledge of the business challenges of the main market sectors.

Everyday work made
better, faster, smarter

We are an end-to-end consulting company with an agile and proactive way of working


Detailed understanding of the problem


Data processing and information flow


Applicable methodologies


Guaranteed results


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Your data handled the right way

Innovation and advanced solutions: we use a combination of artificial intelligence, operational research and quantum mechanics as an accelerator to meet our challenges

Data Science

Machine Learning, Data Mining, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting, Neural Networks, Support Vector Machines for regression and classification of structured data.

Data Reconciliation, Record Linkage, Fuzzy Matching, Anomaly Detection, Data Validation, Data Augmentation, Data Quality to ensure data integrity, correctness and completeness of information in a database.

Artificial Intelligence

NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding) and NLG (Natural Language Generation) for data processing. Computer vision for obejct recognition. Image and Satellite/Drone/Safety Video processing.

Deep reinforcement learning, Adversarial Machine Learning and decision network to offer an adaptive modeling architecture to capture changes in the type or nature of incoming data, in customer behavior or changes related to methodological efficiency.

Complex Optimization

Mathematical models, PSO (particle swarm optimization) and genetic algorithms (Benchmark Genetic Algo) to solve optimization problems with n-dimensions, non-convex and non-linear.

Operational Research and application of advanced analytical methods to aid decision making.

Quantum Mechanics

Development of inverse reinforcement learning techniques and other algorithms based on machine learning to simultaneously optimize the speed and fidelity of quantum computing against stochastic and leakage control errors.

Our Approach

Across the entire value chain & supported by our products.


Definition of the strategic vision of Data:

  • Data maturity assessment
  • Definition of data strategy
  • Definition of the roadmap for the Chief Data Officer and support
  • Executive comity-data awareness
  • Data valorisation evaluations
  • Business inputs
  • Organisation Data Maturity
  • Market trends
  • Best practices


Data capabilities implementation:

  • Data governance
  • Technological and data architectures
  • Staff data acculturation
  • Data teams operations securing through a dedicated operational and steering digital tool based on our expertise
  • AI & quantitative approach​es


Examples of use-cases:

  • Natural language processing for document management and regulatory control
  • Image recognition and optical character recognition for document classification and scanning.
  • Development of optimisation models; decision-making, recommendation and early warning systems; credit-scoring; anomaly detection; predictive systems to anticipate behaviour anomalies; and more.


can be integrated into your business processes.