Data integrity solution 

Increase the value of your Data for all teams

What is that tool?


A full health check-up & care for your Data


Your response for a reality.
Reinforcing Data accuracy and consistency over its entire lifecycle​


Relative definition of Data integrity

The integrity of your data depends on its use and cannot be absolute.

DATA understanding & using

We are holders of MLOps best practices and most recent AI models to transform data monitoring actions into data observability (active learning) over the entire organization

Anomaly detection and correction

Identify data points values, events,
observations, and patterns that deviate from a dataset’s expected behaviour


Reinforcing Data accuracy and consistency over its entire lifecycle​ 

Tailored for business & value


The average reduction observed in time by our client spent by data team with automatization of data integrity management

3 weeks

The duration needed to obtain first results on a large scope and to set the first step of automation


The reduction of data downtime and a direct relation with a deeply optimization of the activity

Trust your Data

The holistic approach to data quality
that is relevant in every industry,
and business function

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