Social Listening

For your social media analysis

Get closer to your client and understand the client’s voice better than ever

What is that tool?


QSL (Qommunity Social Listener) gives a closer look to what is said about a product or a brand across social networks, and capture the negative sentiments
and their reasons


Get a better understanding about a brand’s reputation through insightful KPIs, understand the reasons behind dissatisfaction other than through satisfaction surveys, and prevent crisis by monitoring the overall feeling
about your brand

Qommunity Social Listener - Negative insights



Find all posts and comments through different media supports, regarding your brand or specific products, with the use of oriented
search using keywords


Locate stress zones: collect the client’s voice faithfully without intervening through old methods like surveys (which can be complementary), in almost real-time


Orient your business strategy towards the subjects that matter the most to your users, and the ones that could affect your reputation. Define the hot-topics manually, with the help of the active learning included in our tool


Get a close look on how your reputation is circulating through the web with the help of sophisticated KPIs, and know the right channels where you can act upon it


Be alerted on a crisis like tendency beforehand, all you will need is to adapt your business strategy and act

Tailored for business & value

Brand Reputation

Receive real-time positive or negative mention alerts which will give you a holistic view of your brand health, and help you react accordingly

Customer Satisfaction

Prove a better reactivity over the subjects of their dissatisfaction

Products Improvement

Improve (or create) new products & services through the customer insights and the market
gap you observe

Analyze insights

Understand the benefits of Social Media Listening for better customer engagement
& brand enhancement

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