From your images and videos 

Extract knowledge and insights from your images and videos

What is that tool?


Understand your images (+videos)! 


Train Deep Learning models to automatize knowledge extraction from your visuals

QVision_People localization & Human poses extraction



Take labeled images of clients, and train a Machine Learning model to classify them automatically without involving human interaction


Train a Deep Learning model to distinguish and localize the images you are looking for on your video footages

Human Poses Extraction

From real-time video, create a 3D representation of skeleton points of people present
on the frames

Image Segmentation

Create segmentation of your images, marking each pixel of them as part of the objects you are looking for and make heatmaps

Tailored for business & value

Predictive maintenance

Facilitate your predictive maintenance by identifying flaws in your products and alert you
to any issues

Accurate diagnose

Deliver swift and accurate diagnosis in clinical environments by identifying abnormalities
medical scans

Security & safety

Enforce security and minimize unsafe behaviors by detecting suspicious individuals
abnormal environments

Knowledge of your visuals

Through Computer Vision models,
obtain meaningful information
from images and videos

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