sustainable finance


Putting ESG mindset at the heart of your investment process and  getting clear insights into corporate ESG risks 

What is that tool?


Our in-house experts leverage their deep sustainable finance and ESG expertise to accompany you in achieving the full potential of your sustainability efforts by bridging your actual state with your future strategic position. 


We pave your way through compliance in building efficient bricks that implement our evidence-based methodologies to provide impact-driven solutions. 

We implement performance-led strategies to empower your build competitive advantage while transitioning into trustworthy and credible ESG activities. 

ESG as a FrameworQ_Rating


ESG Maturity Assessment

Give a confidence interval to manage the risks and help to make
the better decision

ESG Rating Methodology

Creating a transparent, robust and trustworthy rating spectrum

Regulatory Disclosure and Climate Change Alignment

Complying with the EBA regulations through Pillar III reporting frameworks  

Economic Impact of Climate Change

Alternative portfolio optimization by quantifying physical and transition risks and their impacts on financial institutions’ activities

Tailored for business & value


permits regulatory compliance according to the regulators requirements

Reputation maintenance

Providing full transparency of the so-published sustainability status


Sustainable investing

Ensuring resilience despite climate change impacts

ESG as a Framework

Solve key challenges through
our AI-based solutions
& reach sustainable finance

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