Collaborate in building a growing international business around the data

We are a young and ambitious company with 100 years of experience and youth, QUANT is founded by an experienced and successful scale up executive team and are in the early stages of an exciting journey.

We have decided to bring together renowned experts and consultants around a single international project with the promise to our clients to deliver the highest value and most effective results. Data, quantitative approaches and AI are who we are, our DNA.

Our goal is to build a different global company designed for rapid growth by developing a hybrid multi-product and multi-service quantum platform to meet our customers’ problems and challenges, natively integrating robust and recognized technical expertise, transparency and performance for a successful end-to-end experience.

Our Recruitment Process

Meet & Greet

This is the first meeting with your future manager. You will learn more about Quant, the role and the team. You will also give an introduction of yourself, what you want to contribute with and ask questions to learn if we are what you seek in your next workplace.

Show off your skills

You will get to show off your skills and expertise doing a case or test. This might not be applicable to all roles but you will get information about this during the first steps in your process.

Reference Call

We would like to talk to someone that have been fortunate enough to have been working with you in the past.

Meet the Future Team Members

At Quant we really value transparency and our culture. Therefore we think it is important that you get the chance to meet one or two future colleagues to learn more from them what life at Quant is like and they can get to know you a bit more..

Follow Up Call

After having met colleagues and showing off your skills you will meet with your future manager again so both of you can ask any additional questions you might have.

Sign & Celebrate  🎉

We will formalize everything surrounding your next adventure at Quant.

Our Job Offers

data consulting


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Data Engineer #DataOps #MlOps #DataVisualization #Math/Stats/Quantitative #DeliveryDataArchitect



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